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Best Free Email Providers

If you are looking for Best Free Email Providers you are in the correct place, Lets we discuss Best Free Email Providers online. Email is the best tool for sending information and data from one device or person to another.

I suggest you choose a Best Email for your requirements as Storage, Fast, Security as your want.

1. Gmail


Gmail is a free mail service from google. It’s the best email provider in the world. So it has 2 Billion users currently active in Gmail. The network is highly secure and fast. Gmail gives you 15GB storage and 25Mb data send per Email. If you want to send more than 25Mb it automatically uploaded to a supporting service like Google Drive and Sends you data safely.

Gmail has good security, and you can send/receive money through your email.

2. Outlook


Outlook is a powerful email service that gives you a lot of features develops by Microsoft. You can integrate with a bunch of business-friendly applications. The email includes professional tools like excel, word, access, etc…..

Outlook gives you 15 GB of free storage and a good interface and also a good drive with Microsoft applications.

3. iCloud Mail


iCloud Mail is a free email service by apple. It’s the world’s most secure service is available on the web. iCloud Mail offers 5GB of free storage it shares apple device storage and iCloud drive.  I think it’s not enough space. only 5Gb available.

iCloud only allows sending 20Mb data per mail. If it’s more than 20 Apple doesn’t provide their drive integration due to security reasons.

4. Yahoo


Yahoo has a second mail that has more than 300 million active users. Its most popular free email providers for their extra features.

Yahoo Gives you 1TB of free storage to all its users and attachment up to 100Mb. It’s the highest mail service that gives you more storage. If you need more stores it’s the best place for you.

5. Mail


Mail is a free email service that gives you 2Gb storage and 50Mb attachment support. It’s service gives you privacy and security features, including spam filters, integrated virus protection, two-factor and authentication, and high secure password system that includes login notification.

6. AOL

AOL gives you unlimited storage and 50Mb attachment support. It Gives you spam filtering and antivirus security for your emails.

7. Proton


Proton Gives you an encrypted email service for your data safety and your privacy.  It doesn’t store any IP logs and it’s stored in fully encrypted servers. It’s easy to use on any device without any software needed to encrypt your emails.

8. Tutanota

It’s is another free encrypted email service at the storage of 500Mb. It gives their service completely free without showing advertisements anywhere.

9. Zoho


Zoho is a CRM solution that gives you Office Suite applications for businesses and professional users. it gives you 5GB storage and 1GB of document storage free. You can also get send attachments up to 25MB per email. Zoho Calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes are useful free tools by Zoho.

10. Yandex

Yandex l is a free service, most users called as sub-service provider the reason is you can only sign up for a free account, link it to your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail accounts, It gives you 10 GB of free cloud storage and 25MB attachment per email

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