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How to convert 4G phone to 5G

How to convert 4G phone to 5G, Now the world is stunning with 4G network, peoples have like to browser 4g, Because its speed gives full entertainment like Full HD live stream. For it got a change 5G is coming. Now lets we discuss how to upgrade your 4G phone to 5g. Lets me give you easy tips to upgrade your 4G mobile to 5G.

Whats is 5G

Its latest network technology improves speed and stability. It’s not a simple up-gradation it gives next-level features with its smart technology and availability. The feature decides the 5g network. The 5G network that is designed to connect virtually to everyone and everything including machines, objects, and devices like Mobile, Computer, TV.

5G Speed Upgrade

5G Gives speeds of up to 10 Gbps. That means 100X more than 4G network, 5G has an ability to give more speed than wired network available in the market. Normally 4G needs 6 Minutes to download 1Gb Data, But 5G Gives you it within 4.5 Seconds.

5G Enhanced Capacity

We also explain 5G has 100x more speed than 4G, Also 5G has also delivered up to 1,000x more capacity than 4G. 4G has a huge problem it can only deliver 4000 users per kilometer, But 5G can Deliver More than 10 Lakhs User per Tower within 5Km.

For business propose 5G can a surgery without a doctor present, That Means Doctor can do the surgery at his home controlling buy equipment with the help of 5G Fast network.

5G Low Latency

5G has the ability to sense the device and deliver data with low latency. It can perform more than the human sense. High speed and minimal lag are perfect for virtual reality and online games like PUBG.

How to convert 4G phone to 5G

You can’t change the 4G hardware to 5G because its Processor builds your device. The only way is to Exchange Your Mobile in Online or offline Shops.

Now you can Exchange your Device on Flipkart and Amazon.

First Select a 5g Device in Flipkart.


Then Select Buy with Exchange You can get up to 95%. In this case, Oppo A53 5G can get at a cost of 540/-, So try to Exchange your phone at a Good price or Sell your phone like cashify 



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