To find out your iPhone 14 password is very difficult. is no more solution to find to get the password back.

Erase your iPhone with recovery mode.  (Step 1)

Erase your iPhone with recovery mode using a mac or windows PC. make sure you have a mac or PC and connect your iPhone to a mac or PC. Go your iPhone to recovery mode and open the cloud on your system.

Erase iPhone. (Step 2)

Now you can see a erase iPhone option at the bottom side click it and put your cloud password for logout.

Restore your iPhone on a computer. (step 3)

Restore your iPhone 14 on a computer to get back to using your phone and you can use your old iCloud id to use to get back your recent data. Disconnect your iPhone from the computer, then set up and use your iPhone.


How to Fix Forgot iPhone 14 Passcode without losing data?.

If you have made a backup to your iCloud. it helps to prevent data loss while restoring your iPhone

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