Nowadays, writing a blog is a passion and money-making solution for extra income. Then, think about how to make money by blogging. is it practical? Yes, you can make money writing a blog post for SEO. so, today we will check how you can make a blog post for SEO.

Blog ideas

find content and check the CPC to make more income and find high CPC keyword and filter it out for SEO low difficulty keywords to make the easy ranking. make your blog ideas and search the contact from google and make the better content that makes it only available on your blog. It helps you to get more visitors to your post or get more audience to your post future


Make your blog introduction that will help your visitors to find what’s the content you are going to explain and get a brief note about your content easily

Meta Descriptions

it’s most helpful while in search engines that the content about is and it also likes a small introduction for your post. Users can read the meta descriptions without getting inside your blog. they can read it on search results on search engine

Blog Outline

Make a blog outline to expand upon your fantastic blog topics and it helps to find subheadings and how the blog is. you must have a plan and idea for your blog outline.


Make minimum subheadings to make your blog become more SEO friendly and it’s a chance to rank the subheading to the search engines. you must make your subheading based on your topic otherwise its a chance to downgrade your entire domain

Content-based on subheading

write the content based on subheading, complete your all subheading get you a good SEO-friendly blog post and helps to rank it easily.

Blog Conclusion

if you obey and write your content like this you will become easy to write a blog post for SEO and rank your post easier or search engines and google, get high revenue on AdSense and much more.

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