Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Industries Can Learn From Videogames

Last month, more than 4000 attendees traveled to Amsterdam to attend the 2022 European Women in Technology conference.  The two-day conference featured more than 250 speakers celebrating the power of resilience by shining a light on the people, businesses, and technology driving positive change in the world. One of those speakers was Roxana Tudor, Programming Technical Director at Ubisoft Bucharest.

Tudor’s session, titled “How Video Games Are Shaping The Future of Tech and Entertainment” was intended for those who are generally unfamiliar with the videogame industry, but interested in the impact of games in the broader tech and entertainment sectors. Tudor focused on the cultural reach of video games, what goes into making a game, and how games can play a role in the future of technology. We caught up with Tudor to learn more about her, her talk, and what value video games can bring to other industries.

Games are an incredibly dynamic world. The tech that was cutting-edge a couple of years back is ubiquitous today, so you are constantly forced to push for more optimized algorithms or more immersive, fluid experiences. Tech as a whole is also dynamic, of course, but I would argue that there are very few areas that surpass games in the speed with which it changes.

The second point is related to the sense of community and belonging games create. You have games that have communities of millions of players, all very invested in the game; people who spend hours each day customizing characters and talking with their online friends about topics they may not even have the courage to discuss in reality. I would say this level of passion and involvement is unprecedented in the tech industry.

As far as the future is concerned, I think it will be all about unlimited imagination, and games are and will be a great way to express that. What I would also like is for games to be more involved in social topics, climate change realities, etc. So not to create a parallel fantasy world where people hide from reality, but rather a world that is heavily interconnected with the real one and is able to help solve its problems.



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