One of the most popular games on Roblox is Pet Simulator. The game is updated frequently, especially around important occasions. So, to celebrate Easter, the developers will launch the Pet Simulator X Easter Event 2023. Fans have found information leaks regarding the event even though no official information has been available. What we know about the Pet Simulator X Easter Event is listed below.

Pet Simulator X Easter Event 2023

When is the Pet Simulator X Easter Event 2023?

The Pet Simulator X Easter Event has an unknown start time. Last year on the Saturday before Easter, the event started, and this year we anticipate it to do the same. Thus, the Pet Simulator X Easter Event 2023 will start on April 8 at 5:00 PM GMT and last about two weeks.

Easter Pets in Pet Simulator

The Pet Simulator X Easter Event will feature 17 new critters, some of which are enormous if the leaks are believed. There will be variations of these as well. Although we are unsure of the specific pets that will be published, you can discover some of the animals we anticipate to be included below.

  • Bunny Basket
  • Egg Chick
  • Easter Angelus
  • Easter Azolotl
  • Easter Bunny
  • Easter Phoenix
  • Easter Yeti
  • Marshmellow Agony
  • Painted Cat
  • Spring Bee
  • Spring Griffin
  • Huge Easter Bunny
  • Huge Easter Dominus
  • Huge Marshmellow Agony
  • Huge Painted Cat

Besides, the Easter Event for Pet Simulator includes more additions than pets. New things like an Easter egg hunt and even a purported developer product are included in this. Although this is unknown, sources indicate that this upgrade will stand out.

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