Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Snapdragon 9 Series

Snapdragon 9 Series give Deliver next-generation mobile experiences with Snapdragon mobile platforms and processor technologies. The first processor is Snapdragon 900 in the 9 series. Mobile platforms are designed to be fast, intelligent, smooth, and secure with amazing graphics. Snapdragon mobile platforms enable immersive augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, Google Whitechapel CPU. The New snapdragon is built with a 4nM chip. It the most ultra-lightweight and power-efficient Mobile Cpu.

5G connectivity

Deliver the power of 5G with our Snapdragon 900 5G Mobile Platform, built for high-performance premium devices with next-generation features, from on-device AI to desktop-level gaming to stunning photography, all with multi-gigabit 5G connectivity. It can give up to 15 Gbps. The next level 5G can experience in Snapdragon 900.


Mobile AI

The Qualcomm AI Engine enables the smartphone to learn and adapt to user behavior, personalizing the experience. The Qualcomm AI engine delivers a smarter personal assistant, extended reality (XR), and camera capabilities to the smartphone.

Brilliant camera capabilities

Make the smartphone the only camera they’ll ever need. Our Snapdragon platforms enable brilliant imagery with over one billion shades of color, advanced 12K video capture, and more thanks to our Qualcomm Spectra Image Signal Processor. and Support of up to 256Mp camera.

Qualcomm Quick Charge

Charge compatible devices faster than conventional charging solutions with Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. The dual charge technology keeps devices cool by charging across two paths, giving users the power and performance to do more with their smartphones. It can give a 130 Watt super-fast charging withing additional safety features. Quick Charge helps to improve the charging capability and battery life


Latest security solutions

Snapdragon 900 5G Mobile Platform features the Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit, which can run high assurance applications previously only performed by external security chips, saving OEMs bill of materials cost. The security help to prevent attack from hardware complaints and improve the life of your product.

Immersive experiences

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ platforms combine intelligent augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) features. Together, these create seamless XR (extended reality) experiences with high visual quality, sound quality, and intuitive interactions. The display virtual device can spectate a VR gaming experience like a pc gamer.



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