Tekken 8 is an upcoming 3D fighting game from the Tekken franchise. Tekken is a brand name that is known by fans all over, especially those who have been playing the older Tekken games on the older PlayStation consoles as well as the PlayStation Portable.

While the game lets you make use of interesting moves as well as finishers, the game is known for one major aspect which is its long list of characters. You see, each character is unique and has its own moves and finishers. A lot of people out there also have tier favorite characters.

Now, with Tekken 8, you still have your favorite characters from other games as well as the return of a very popular character that was not present in the older Tekken 7 game. With that being said, here is the character roster from the Tekken 8 game.

Tekken 8 Confirmed Characters List

Here are the characters that have been confirmed for Tekken 8 which is expected to be released in 2024. The game will also have more characters added to the game at a later date.

Character Name Country Fighting Style
Asuka Kazama Japan Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts
Jack-8 Unknown Sheer Force
Jin Kazama Japan Karate
Jun Kazama Baguazhang, Piguazhang-based Chinese Martial Arts Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts
Kazuya Mishima Unknown Mishima Style Fighting Karate
King Mexico Professional Wrestling
Lars Alexanderson Sweden Tekken Force Martial Arts
Leroy Smith United States of America Wing Chun
Ling Xiaoyu China Baguazhang, Piguazhang based Chinese Martial Arts
Marshall Law United States of America Martial Arts
Nina Williams Ireland Assassination Arts
Paul Phoenix United States of America Integrated Martial Arts based on Judo

There will be more characters joining the game. This list will be updated as and when the developer of the game announces the return of characters to Tekken 8. We will be updating this character roster with new ones as when such information has been available officially. To know more about the release date, trailer, and other information about Tekken 8, you can read all of it over here.

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