Wednesday, August 10, 2022

TweakShot Screen Recorder

Benefits of a Screen Recording Software
– Create Tutorials/ Training Videos
These days, many official tasks are done with the help of multiple apps. For those new to the workplace or working on an official task for the first time, a thorough demonstration is the best way to make them understand how a particular task must be done.

Here, nothing can match a good quality explainer video where you don’t just tell but demonstrate how things are done. You can record everything you do on software, and then once this recording is done, you can circulate it to your team. Such recordings can be used as a reference at any time.

Save Video Calls
To discuss the day-to-day agendas, work-related meetings are held throughout the day. Sometimes, some employees cannot attend one or many such important meetings for reasons. This absenteeism can further cause hindrance in the accomplishment of tasks.

Catching Errors Becomes Very Simple
If you are into customer service, you know how hard it is to find, diagnose, or fix issues and errors verbally. Especially in a situation where you are solving a customer’s issue remotely, you can’t be physically present. Even if you have asked a customer to share their screen, a verbal conversation might not be able to resolve the issue the customer has fully.

Here you can ask the customer to share their screen, understand their pain point and record a screen demonstrating how exactly the customer is supposed to resolve the error.

  • Record any screen activity – webinars, streaming content, gameplays, etc.
  • Capture any region of your screen – fullscreen, selected window, or webcam.
  • Save recorded screens in multiple formats, and that too with no lags.
  • Record voiceovers separately.
  • Auto-Split and Auto-Stop recording.
  • Schedule recording automatically.
  • Capture screenshots.
  • Create your watermarks.


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