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Best WordPress cache plugin

WordPress cache plugin is used to improve the performance of your WordPress site and helps to reduce the usage of Hosting CPU. People who visit a website will leave it if it takes more than 5s to load So cache plugin is very important for a WordPress Website. Then you need to use the best WordPress cache plugin.

Let us check the best WordPress cache plugin

1. WP Rocket


WP Rocket is the best WordPress cache plugin for WordPress sites. I think it’s the best user-friendly Cache plugin available in the market. It works to Page and browser caching and cache preloading. The advanced features have Fine-tune cache rules and database optimization and also have an option to CDN integration to cloudflare to pic up your webpage faster.


PHP 7 is required






0.01Ghz Cpu

100 MB storage

2. Autoptimize


Autoptimize is a Completely free best WordPress cache plugin. It can aggregate, minify, cache scripts and styles,  and defer the aggregated full CSS, move and defers scripts to the footer, and minifies HTML. So It optimizing your site very well.  it can optimize and lazy-load images for fast-loading images.

3. WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache serves cached files in 3 ways. The fastest method is by using Apache mod Rewrite Rule static HTML files, Supercached static files can be served by PHP and this is the recommended way of using the plugin. And This is mainly used to cache pages for known users, Users are logged-in users, So visitors who leave comments, or those who should be shown custom per-user data.

4. W3 Total Cache


The Plugin works for cache purposes and also works to improve SEO. The SEO increases because its make the site faster and load webpage much faster. So W3 Total Cache is the best Plugin for a lightweight site. its works with fewer requirements. it can give At least 10x performance to your site in a low requirement server.

5. Cache Enabler


It’s a powerful WordPress caching plugin that is easy to use. So it needs minimal configuration. it has WebP support (convert images to WebP with Optimus) Gzip pre-compression support. The Plugin Helps to redirect your wrong page to the home page or else you were.



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